Visually Impaired

Visual Impairments widely covers any type of vision loss. There are approximately 2 million people with sight loss in the United Kingdom. In regards to treatment, some conditions are more treatable than others. It is more common for one to be visually impaired in one eye opposed to both. Additionally, it is found that visual impairment occurs in people under thirty-years old. It can either be from birth or accidents in later years.

There are many success stories of people with visual impairments:

Architect Christopher Downey

Christopher Downey is another example of defying his step backs of his visual impairment. In 2008, he became visually impaired due to a tumor surrounding his optic nerve, which caused him to loose sight. To continue working as an architect, planner, and consultant, Christopher has a blind computer scientist coworker that enabled to print online maps. Christopher has made it his personal and professional mission to design better surroundings for people with visual impairments.

have a looked a Christopher’s TedX talk “Design with the blind in mind”

Chef Christina Hà’s

Christina Hà’s did not let her visual impairments interfere with her cooking success. In 2004, Christina was diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica. She slowly began to loose her vision. Three years later, she found herself nearly completely blind. However, this did not define her from becoming successful. She was the 2012 winner of show MasterChef TV. She was compensated with a prize of $250,000, a cookbook deal, and MasterChef title and trophy. Without any professional training, Christina has accomplished so much as a professional in the food industry. Not only does she have a high following on her cooking blog, but she is also an inspiration to millions.

Artist John Bramblitt

John Bramblitt has overcome obstacles of his visual impairment and has become an established painter. In 2001, John lost his vision due to epilepsy complications at an age of 30. Though devastated at first, he found an outlet to help him get through loosing vision, which was painting. Despite his vision impairment, it has enabled John to find his true talent. John has made appearances in print, TV, radio, and more. Currently, his artwork is sold in over 20 countries and has received much global recognition. Since discovering his talent for the arts, he has received Youtube’s “Most Inspirational Video of 2008” as well as three Presidential Service Awards in regards to his art workshops.

Computer Scientist TV Raman

Computer Scientist, TV Raman has made strides in his industry despite his visual impairment. With a focus on auditory user interfaces and structured electronic documents, TV Raman works particularly with accessibility research. When he was 14 years old, TV Raman went from partially sighted to blind due to glaucoma. Since he was unable to read, his brother helped him by reading out loud as well as there for moral support. Despite his visual impairment, TV Raman has moved on to having an established career.

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