Hearing Impairment

What does having a hearing impairment mean?

Hearing impairment can vary in severity, however it affects people with the condition by preventing total sound in one’s ear. One of every six people in the United Kingdom have a form of hearing impairment. It is found in people of all ages whether developed from aging or constant contact to loud noises. There are several symptoms found when experiencing hearing loss, such as asking others to repeat themselves, constantly using high volume, and misunderstanding what others are saying and demonstrating difficulty hearing them.

“What you need to know” have produced a video of how to communicate with people with hearing loss.

Famous people with Hearing Impairment

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton was diagnosed with hearing impairment during his presidency. When undergoing a routine physical, it was discovered that the years of political rallies were successful for running for president yet affected his hearing. However, Clinton’s hearing impairment was treated with a hearing aid. He still attends loud political rallies and events while wearing a completely-in-canal hearing aid.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The famous musician and composer Ludwig Van Beethoven experienced hearing loss when he was 26 years old. It has yet to be known what caused his hearing loss. Though Beethoven initially found ways to assist his condition, he eventually became deaf. Despite his hearing loss complications, Beethoven’s word is still globally recognized and his legacy has continued into the 21st century.

Michael Chorost

Author Michael Chorost has been able to live a successful life despite his hearing impairment. Due to his rubella, Michael was born with acute hearing difficulties. In 2001, Michael underwent his first cochlear implant where he gained some hearing restoration followed by another implant in 2007. He has not let his hearing impact his career. Michael has published several of his pieces as well as giving lectures at various universities, organizations, philanthropies, and conferences.

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