What is Dyspraxia?

Dyspraxia is type of developmental coordinal disorder (DCD). People with dyspraxia are found to have difficulties with coordination and motor skills, including gross motor and fine motor coordination. Dyspraxia predominately involves physical coordination due to circumstances involving the nervous system. In the United Kingdom, research has shown that almost 10% of the nation’s population has Dyspraxia. Despite the fact that symptoms are shown at an early age, it is common for people with Dyspraxia to be diagnosed after the age of five.

Krystal Shaw regularly blogs about Dyspraxia, below she talks about some of the most commonly asked questions.

Notable People with Dyspraxia

Daniel Radcliffe

The famous star from the Harry Potter series revealed to fans a few years ago that he has a mild form of Dyspraxia. Daniel Radcliffe has shown people how to overcome hurdles in life and not to let disabilities define oneself.

Florence Welch

Florence, lead singer of Florence and the Machine, demonstrates how she does not let her Dyspraxia define her career or self. The singer has visited Dyspraxia Associations and vocalizes the importance of spreading awareness of this disability.

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