The difference between autism and aspergers

Aspergers and high-functioning autism tend to be misunderstood due to the fact that they are both on the autism spectrum. Asperger’s syndrome is one of the two main forms of autism. There are similarities between the two, which makes it confusing at times to distinguish one from the other. Though there are similarities, there are key differences that distinguish high-level autism from asperger’s syndrome. When reading this blog, it is important that only a few similarities and differences are highlighted. Autism and aspergers are complex and research still shows new results.

An image of a spectrum at one end it has the label High-Functioning autism and at the other Severe Autism


There is a grey area in regards to the differences between high functioning autism and aspergers. People with both disabilities are identified to have difficulties in behavioral settings. For example, people with high-level autism and aspergers syndrome struggle with forming relationships and tend to not maintain eye contact when conversing with others. It is common for people with both autism and aspergers to experience difficulties with reading people’s facial expressions and hand gestures. Research has found that there are four areas in particular that distinguish the two: level of cognitive function, language development, motor skills, and aging. When undergoing diagnosis, it is common for there to be a debate of where or not a patient has high-functioning autism or aspergers.

The letters of Autism on puzzle pieces.

When Comparing high-level autism and aspergers to the more common forms of autism, research has shown that people with high-level autism and aspergers have an above average intelligence level while still undergoing difficulties in social situations.The treatments and practices for high-functioning autism and aspergers are very similar. In today’s society, the factors that distinguish the two remain controversial.


Unlike autism (even high-functioning), it is hard to identify one with aspergers at a young age. People with asperger’s syndrome at a young age do not experience delayed language development. This is found to be a key difference between autism and aspergers. Additionally, it is common for people with aspergers to have an obsession with random things. People with autism tend to have stronger connections with certain things, however it is not on the level of obsession. Though the probability is low, people with aspergers can be brilliant, even though they struggle with communication. However, the focus of aspergers should not focus on identifying the disability with intelligence levels, but instead one should focus on the three areas that are used to diagnose people with this syndrome: how they socialize, communicate, and behave. Overall, professionals in the area of learning disabilities are equipped and skilled in identifying one with either austism or aspergers, thought it is not always clear and may take additional testing. The study of autism and aspergers has come a long way, however research and awareness need to continue in order to learn more about these disabilities.

Aspergers Letters on a puzzle background

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