What is Autism?

Autism is a disability identified at an early age. It is a mental condition where one may experience difficulties in communicating, building, and relating to others, especially when forming relationships.

Fixer Dwaynne Way, 22, from South Wales, has Asperger syndrome – a form of autism. Using this film, he wants other young people to understand the nature and impact of autism.

Strengths of people with autism:

• Regardless of how tedious the task may be, people with autism tend to not mind and even enjoy the work they are conducting.
• It has been identified that people with autism are honest and trustworthy, which is a great quality to have in the workforce.
• Research has also shown that people with autism are not judgmental of others. This is an admirable trait that employers would appreciate
• They tend not to focus on the materialistic things and do not find it distracting.
• People with autism tend to have good memories. This is found beneficial in the general workforce for numerous of reasons, especially regarding high attention to details.
• They prefer sticking to a routine and perform each task at a high level.
• Also, they demonstrate a sense of passion and love the work that they do. As an employer, one could rely on your employee to come into work with a smile on their face and enjoy what they are doing.







This section of the Incluzy site is dedicated to helping with autism transition back into the workforce. We hope you enjoy this section and share it with your friends and family.