Asperger Syndrome

What is Aspergers Syndrome?

Asperger’s is on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD)’s spectrum as well as type of pervasive development disorder (PDD). It tends to be difficult to diagnose Aspergers during ones’ early childhood years. Also, people with Aspergers tend to find difficulties with socializing and communicating with others. Other common characteristics that are found in people with Aspergers are their tendency to have a narrow mindset of interests and particular behaviors that tend to be repetitive.

Here is a great video from Gerard Groves talking about Aspergers.

In the workforce, there are several positive qualities that one with Aspergers.

Strengths of people with Aspergers

• People with Aspergers are shown to have a keen attention to detail and have the ability to see the “bigger picture” in various situations.
• Though it may come across as shocking at first, they communicate very directly. This is valuable when you want the most honest feedback. Additionally, people with Aspergers are not focused on what others think and focus on honesty.
• Research has shown that people with Aspergers are visual learners and independent thinkers.
• Interestingly, people with Aspergers have been shown to have above average intelligence levels.
• Also, they demonstrate admirable personality qualities, such as honesty and loyalty.

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