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We are on a mission to give employers access to a hidden untapped pool of talent and to enable a community of neurodiverse people to have a positive contribution to society through the work they do.

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How to keep a job with ADHD

How to keep a job with ADHD For adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), finding and maintaining a job ...
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How to manage an employee with ADHD

How to manage an employee with ADHD For those in management, having a productive team who can work together to ...
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What are good jobs for people with ADHD?

What are good jobs for people with ADHD? For those suffering from ADHD, job hunting can be a disheartening experience ...
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A brand new hub to celebrate the skills, creativity & enterprise of people with neurodiverse differences. We want to transform the conversation surrounding neurodiversity, challenging broken systems and misconceptions in order to reflect the incredible work that’s being done by neurodiverse people.

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Incluzy Employer October:

Award winning online marketing agency Distinctly have been leading the way when it comes to hiring neurodiverse people. Tom Shurville founder of Distinctly quickly recognised the competitive advantage he would have with a more diverse workforce. His first hire back in 2009 was dyslexic and they haven’t looked back.

Founded in 2009  Distinctly has expanded through impressive year-on-year growth. When considering Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds, Possums and everything else that Google has thrown at them, they should be very proud of the exceptional service that they continue to provide to there ever expanding portfolio of clients.


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